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General Restrictions, Web pages, etc.
While we do not support censorship we do not support offensive material. Put simply this means all graphics must be clothed, and text content must be reasonable and not put out to offend. Then Host  may not be used for unlawful purposes, including those, which constitute a criminal offence or give rise to civil liabilities. Copyrighted material may not be placed on Then Host system without the author's express permission. The user is responsible for determining whether such material is copyrighted and its terms of use. Users under 18 years of age shall not access material explicitly labeled as adult, mature, or unsuitable for minors. It is solely up to the account holder to ensure this does not happen  Clients may not distribute material promoting hatred against individuals or groups or any content which may be deemed to be illegal according to the laws of Canada. Clients are also not permitted to distribute material promoting any form of network abuse (Such as bulk spam mailers, sniffers, or hacking tools).  The client is responsible for all local and long-distance telephone charges for connecting to and/or accessing the Internet.

Data transfers All domains are subject  the data transfer fees if they exceed the allowed (purchased) package limits.

Hacking (the act of attempting to gain unauthorized access to computer systems) will not be tolerated, any reports of users attempting to hack Then Host or other systems will be investigated, and if substantiated the user will be terminated without refund.

Email  Spam (unsolicited commercial email / usenet posting OR Bulk mailing through our server .) will not be tolerated, no exceptions. Users found to be spamming will have their account terminated without warning, and without refund. Spam causes nothing but problems for our administrative staff, one piece of spam sent can take weeks to "clean up" (answer complaints, track the user, deleting bounced mail etc.)
Email is not to be left on the server. Users must use their real return address when sending email (this way YOU get your bounced mail, not us)

Technical support We will provide the customer with full service technical support, however it is not our intention to teach the customer how to use their computer or the InterNET. The customer is assumed to be familiar with their operating system, and the basics of operating their computer.

Refund Policy On termination of an account, Then Host will refund the amount deemed appropriate according to our records, based on the remaining balance of the existing account and time used to the nearest account or package. Note: If termination of the account is a result of the client violating Then Host policies, NO refund will be given. If Then Host incurs any costs with respect to your actions on the net, "Spamming, hate mail, mail bombs etc. there will be an additional charge to compensate Then Host for any time needed to correct the situation. 

Payment  for service is required on or before the renewal date for the following period. If payment is not received on time, the account is automatically disabled by the system. NOTE! A $25.00 Service Fee shall be charged for all NSF cheques. Note: Payments by Visa. should have sufficient funds to cover payment! Please inform us of New, Lost or Expired Cards! Payments by cash, cheque, or debit card must be made on or before your due date 

Warning Any user found to be in violation of 1 or more of the above policies will have their account disabled or if the violation is severe enough, terminated. A refund may or may not be given (at the discretion of Then Host

Disclaimer Then Host is not responsible for the accuracy or content of the Internet, and is not liable for loss or damages incurred by the use of that information. Then Host reserves the right to refuse or cancel service to anyone without reason and changes restrictions without notice. Non enforcement of a particular policy does not mean that Then Host condones or agrees with the action. Then Host makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the services it is providing. Then Host also disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Then Host assumes no liability and holds itself harmless from any liabilities or losses that may occur due to service disruption or termination.

Use of Then Host services constitutes acceptance of this Agreement.

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